Virtual Aquarium

Multiple high definition displays showcase the Virtual Aquarium world, where users can interact with the live-streaming presenter, create a custom avatar fish and swim it around in the aquarium world, watch videos, and play games / activities.  Users interact via provided built-in tablets or by using their own mobile device.  The live presenter can also see and hear users at different locations, allowing real-time conversations and interaction!


Here’s a little woodworking project I did recently. It’s called an icosahedron.

2013-12-20 15.45.53

It’s made from 60 identical pieces of wood, each with a 21 deg bevel with two 60 deg miters. The dimensions of each piece (length, thickness, height) don’t really matter as long as each piece is exactly the same.

Side View
Top View


Catapult Crash

A first person physics-based catapult game I helped create with the excellent Flying Rhino team.  Done with Objective-C, Box2D, Cocos2D for the iPad.  The catapult is a 3D model created with Blender.